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Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP takes pride in offering a work environment that is responsive to the input of our Associates and Staff, in making every effort to effectively guide and train those new to our Firm, and, in providing a beautiful and professional office atmosphere.

The Partners of Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele care personally about every member of our Firm. They strive to convey their appreciation and desire to make each individual aware of how significant they are to the big picture. They act as mentors to the new Associates and make themselves readily available to answer questions, review direction or to simply assist in maintaining balance in the work load.

The members of our Firm are intricately involved in our community and many work diligently to insure that the values of our forefathers continue to stand in our area. The practice of law and the earnest preparation to offer our clients the quality that they deserve are of utmost importance to each member of Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele. Not only is the focus law, but also community. You will find someone involved in almost all the charitable organizations in our area and beyond.

Our Recruiting Partner, G. Phillip Beggs, is constantly reviewing resumes and conducts several on-campus interviews. Our Firm, now reaching over 70 Attorneys, is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. However, we pride ourselves in associating with Attorneys who embrace the same values, knowledge and wisdom that have been the foundation of the Firm since its beginning.

There is no better way to share our philosophy than to share with you a portion of a publication we were recently honored to be included in: America's Greatest Places to Work with a Law Degree by Kimm Alayne Walton, J. D. Portions of that article are located in the next few pages for your review. Please note that the publication is a few years old and some information has changed; however, it gives those who may be interested in becoming a part of Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele an opportunity to look inside.

Please e-mail your resume or contact us at 770-429-1499 if you are interested in more information regarding opportunities available.