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MIJS started forming and managing captive insurance companies for its clients in 2008. Since that time, our captive management practice has grown at a steady and consistent pace because we tailor each captive insurance program to our client’s individual risk protection needs and we form and manage each captive insurance company in compliance with all state Departments of Insurance and Federal laws and regulations. MIJS’ team of experienced liability attorneys and insurance professionals will ensure your captive insurance company provides the protection that your business needs.

Because of our individualized and diligent approach to forming and managing captive insurance companies, we were recognized as the Independent Captive Manager of the Year in both 2014 and 2015 at the US Captive Service Awards. In 2015 the award committee wrote: “MIJS gave three specific examples of captive success stories and were able to demonstrate significant achievements made during the 12 month judging period. Not only do they have a large geographic reach, but also showed good growth and a healthy involvement in numerous captive associations.”

In today’s litigious environment, many large and small businesses have captive insurance companies in place which insure a wide range of risks not insured in their commercial insurance program. Some business owners even choose to stop insuring certain risks on the commercial market and instead insure these risks through their captive insurance company because they can tailor the policy language to their exact needs and gain greater control over their business’ insurance budget.

MIJS forms and manages what are known as pure captive insurance companies and more specifically micro-captive insurance companies. A pure captive insurance company is an insurance company created by the owners of an operating business to provide supplemental property and casualty insurance to such operating business. A micro-captive insurance company is a pure captive insurance company that also elects section 831 (b) status under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code which allows the captive insurance company to receive annual premiums of less than $1.2 million ($2.2 million starting January 2017) while the captive is able to exclude all of its premium income from taxable income. In addition to the obvious economic benefits, this allows the captive insurance company to accumulate surplus in order to take on more potential claims of its insureds.

Many times captive insurance companies are formed and managed using off shore domiciles and these domiciles’ departments of insurance. However, MIJS forms and manages its client’s captive insurance companies exclusively with U.S. domiciles which require the captive insurance companies to have adequate capital, adhere to regular reporting requirements, and comply with rules and regulations that protect the insureds.

Our captive services include:

• Assisting prospective captive owners and their advisors in evaluating, designing, and implementing captive solutions.
• Reviewing existing captive structures and suggest ways that they can be used more efficiently.
• Utilizing relationships with experienced and reputable insurance actuaries, insurance advisors, underwriters, and CPAs who specialize in captive insurance arrangements to enhance our clients’ captive programs.

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